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Some Benefits of Baby Yoga

Emotional Engagement

  • Support development

  • Recognition of self

  • Bonding

Human Touch

  • Weight gain

  • Higher levels of growth hormone

  • Support immune system


  • Better sleep

  • Keep up with curious mind

  • Stimulate digestive & nervous system


  • Ability to cope with challenges

  • Learn to interact with others

  • Learn to play actively


Empower Yourself With
Baby & Me Yoga

Spend quality time with your little one and intentionally move your body

If you are like me, having special time outside of the home to bond with your little one is impactful, heartwarming, and brings an immense amount of joy into your life.


The Baby & Guide Yoga classes are full of personal growth and body movement while we connect with our little ones. We will explore our bodies and our bond with our little ones as we work on strength, mobility, stability, and inner peace.


Babies (pre-walkers) - This class is ideal for little ones who are not walking yet and can hold their heads up. About 10-15 minutes of the class is focused on the baby's movement and development.


Me (adults) - This class is open to any caregiver, but the movement for the adults is focused on postpartum healing, which means more strength, mobility, and stability rather than flexibility. We also work on functional movements to help when caring for our little ones.


When: Saturdays at 3pm

These are designed to be one hour long, but I will arrive fifteen minutes early to feed my little one beforehand, and I will stay longer for any questions. We are mindful of breaks that people will need during the session, as such, the flow will be easy for people to come and go.


Where: Civano, Tucson, AZ (at the Tucson Pilates and Stretch studio) or Online Video Conferencing


Things to expect:

- Yoga mindful of our healing bodies

- Strength and stability training

- Tips for at home functional movement

- Gentle movements for your baby's strength and mobility

- Weekly reflections

- Connections with other Guides / Caregivers

- Elements of yogic chakras, emotional intelligence, contact improv, and mindfulness.


Things to bring:

- Snacks and water

- Nursing / feeding supplies

- A blanket or two

- Yoga mat and blocks, if you have them

- Soothers - A place for baby to sleep e.g. car seat

- Open, curious, childlike mind


Discounts: Check out pricing/package plans for a discount when you purchase a 10 class pass or a 20 class pass.

Movements for your baby to thrive and connect


Movements for mamas to connect with their bodies and their little ones